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Martyn Corbet is a composer providing music of all styles for digital media.

'Star Wars: Rogue One', 'Pete's Dragon', 'Evolution', 'Ben Hur'

Huge thanks are due to the teams at The Hit House and Audiomachine - over the past two months they've managed to place my tracks in trailers for 'Pete's Dragon' & 'Evolution' (THH), and 'Star Wars: Rogue One' & 'Ben Hur' (Audiomachine)! I haven't found most of them, but below is the trailer for 'Evolution', featuring 'Pyromania', which I co-composed with the awesome Scott Miller, head creative at The Hit House. It's one of my favourite tracks I've worked on, and I'm super happy to see it put to such good use! It plays from 01:15 to the end of the trailer. As always, hit up The Hit House and Audiomachine for licensing enquiries!