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Martyn Corbet is a composer providing music of all styles for digital media.

Mechanic: Resurrection

Huge thanks go out to Tom and the rest of the team at Audiomachine for placing my track 'Therma' in this UK trailer for 'Mechanic: Resurrection'! The track, from Audiomachine's recent industry release 'Prototype', runs from about 00:30 all the way through the trailer. Check it out below, and hit up the Audiomachine website for more music and licensing enquiries. 

'Captain America: Civil War', 'Swallows and Amazons' and 'Star Trek: Beyond' (Again)

Super duper extra thanks due to Rain and Agus at Really Slow Motion! Over the past week or so they've placed my tracks in trailers for 'Captain America: Civil War', upcoming British drama adaptation 'Swallows and Amazons' and another TV spot for 'Star Trek: Beyond'! I haven't seen the Cap America one but will be sure to post it when I do, in the mean time enjoy this beautiful trailer for S&A and contact RSM if you like what you hear!

'Star Trek: Beyond'

Huge thanks once again to Rain and Agus over at Really Slow Motion, this time for placing a section of my track 'Neurotoxin' in this TV Spot for Justin Lin's upcoming sci-fi, 'Star Trek: Beyond'! Check out the trailer below, and as always, head over and contact RSM to enquire about licensing!

Golden Trailer Awards - 'Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Huge congratulations go out to all the winners and nominees of this years Golden Trailer Awards. Here's to another fantastic year of trailers! I am proud to say that the 'Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice' superbowl spots featuring music from both myself and fellow RSM composer Pauli Hausmann have picked up an award for 'most innovative trailer for a brand / product'! Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the trailers, and thanks for choosing our music!

Audiomachine - 'Prototype'

The awesome guys and girls over at Audiomachine have just released a new industry album! 'Prototype' features gripping sound design & hybrid based cues from a number of talented composers. I was lucky enough to have four of my tracks, 'Cerebral Mutiny', 'Hacktivist', 'Life On Stars' and 'Therma', included in the release! 

The whole album is available for listening on AM's website. As always, head over to enquire about licensing!

Updates from The Hit House and Really Slow Motion

Yet again huge thanks are due to Sally and the team over at The Hit House, who have gotten my music used in trailers for 'Tom Clancy's The Division' (my first ever video game placement!), 'Patient Zero' and 'Natural Born Pranksters' (my first ever comedy placement)! It's going to be an exciting 2016 for THH, and they have some really great releases coming up too which include my work - more to follow!

In addition, I must once again extend my gratitude to the unstoppable Agus and Rain at RSM, who placed my tracks in both advertising campaigns for O2, and also for the latest TV spot for 'The Divergent Series: Allegient', which you can check out below. RSM Recently celebrated their third full year, and an excellent year it was! 

I'll be sure to post the other trailers as and when I can find them.

'Deadpool' Trailer II

Huge thanks go out to Agus & Rain at Really Slow Motion, who have secured a few seconds of my track 'Nightshade' in both the red-band and standard versions of the latest trailer for 'Deadpool'! As always, head to the RSM website for licensing enquiries, and in the meantime check out the awesome trailer below, which features my music from 00:21 through to about 00:34.

Castrol - 'Virtual Racers'

Huge thanks are due to Dan and Brian over at Red Moth - they've managed to secure my custom score for this awesome ad from Castrol! The film pits two professional racing drivers on two separate real-life race courses against each other on one virtual track, through VR headsets! A very cool idea. Check out the video below!


Gallery - Albums I've Worked On!

Here's a gallery full of all the wonderful albums I've been lucky enough to contribute to over the past two years! It's been amazing, there are plenty more in the works as we speak and hopefully a great many more to come in the future! Special thanks to the people who made all of these happen at The Hit House, Really Slow Motion Music & Sound Design, Giantapes Music, Red Moth Music, Audiomachine, CHROMA & Position Music! You all rock!

The Hit House - SPHERES Verge

The wonderful team over at The Hit House have just released their latest emotional / dramatic album; 'SPHERES Verge' is a collection of 11 awesome, beautiful tracks for all your trailer and media needs! I was lucky enough to have three of my tracks, 'Tanzanite', 'Labradorite' and 'Ruby', included! Check out the preview below (the first track, 'Tanzanite' is one of mine!) and hit up their website for licensing enquiries. Thanks as always to Scott and Sally for their wonderful help and guidance!


KPM - 'Forensics & Autopsies'

The team over at KPM / EMI have recently released 'Forensics and Autopsies', a new album packed full of high quality, suspenseful cues for all your crime scene needs! The release features the work of Rupert Gregson-Williams, Lorn Balfe and a whole host of other talented composers, and I was fortunate to have one of my cues included. Check out 'Tireless Search' in the link below. Many thanks go to Rupert, Jo, Alistair and James for making it happen, and for the wonderful sounding string recordings!

Listen to the album here!

General update - 'Compare The Market' and 'Abrasion'

As it's been a little while since I posted any news, I thought I'd do an update for the last month. It's been a busy one! Firstly, four new tracks released on Really Slow Motion's latest hybrid action album, 'Abrasion'! The tracks are 'Sledgehammer', 'Nightshade', 'Future Terror' and 'Nautica'. Secondly, the team over at Red Moth Music were able to secure my music in an ad for Compare The Market (check it out below!). I have been working on a LOT of music, so hopefully over the coming weeks there will be plenty more releases!

'The Last Witch Hunter' - Trailer #1

Once again, huge thanks are due to Agus, Rain and the whole team over at ReallySlowMotion! My track Cronos has been placed in this trailer for Vin Diesel's latest movie, 'The Last Witch Hunter'. Check it out below, running from 00:56 to 1:10, and then again from 01:36 all the way through to the end!

Audiomachine - 'Titan'

Last month, Audiomachine released 'Titan', their latest orchestral and hybrid album, to the industry. Three of my tracks, 'Into Eternity', 'Coriolis' and 'Lay Down Your Weapons', are featured on the release. Check out 'Into Eternity' below, and as always, hit up Audiomachine's contact page for licensing enquiries!